Beauty Guru Assignment: My Summer Beauty Happiness in a Tube!

As the temps here in Florida went from hot to stupid hot, I had to change my beauty routine asap!  I was using an oil free moisturizer, then sunscreen, and then my medium coverage foundation.  It was doable when it was a decent kind of hot outside.  In the summer, though, it’s a whole other story!  My oily T-zone was working overtime and having all of that on my face was just asking for a beauty meltdown!  So I went to the same brand as my foundation and found my beauty summer happiness in a tube!

Mary Kay’s Tinted Moisturizer with SPF 20

It has my moisturizer, SPF protection, and sheer color coverage all in one!    The sheer coverage it gives me looks super natural, which is perfect for the summer.  My skin stays moisturized throughout the day without feeling greasy, thanks to the moisturizer being oil free.   My skin also stays well protected from the Florida sun (unfortunately I have gotten sunburn on my face. So not cute!)   The tube goes for $18 but a fingertip full of this moisturizer is all I need to cover my face. I bought it in May, used it practically every day and I still have some left!  So it’s definitely well worth the money!  Another plus – it’s also an awesome time saver!  Gotta love that!

Have any you ladies tried out this MK Tinted Moisturizer?  If not, which brand do you use?


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2 thoughts on “Beauty Guru Assignment: My Summer Beauty Happiness in a Tube!

    • MJ says:

      I was kind of weary of using one too but what helped is that I went to the same brand that does my foundation so I know exactly how their colors work! Let me know which one you decide to try! I definitely want to hear about other brand!

      Thanks for stopping by!

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