Beauty Blast: PERFECT WEAR Extralasting Lip Gloss and Smooth Minerals Lip Tint

You ladies remember how much of a lip gloss fan I am when I did my review of the Glazewear lip gloss from Avon.  Though I have made some strides in coming out of my comfort zone and trying out some lipsticks (like this coral one from Avon and the MAC brand I wore for my wedding), the gloss will always be my first choice!  Well, for this review I get a taste of the familiar and the unfamiliar!  PERFECT WEAR Extralasting Lip Gloss and Smooth Minerals Lip Tint from Avon were my latest beauty test subjects!  What I look for:  the right amount of color, the stickiness and moisturizing factors, and of course, that it does what it says!

PERFECT WEAR Extralasting Lip Gloss ($8.00)

We lip gloss fiends know that one thing lip gloss is NOT known for is standing the test of time, making reapplication inevitable!  So you know I saw the “extralasting” in this product’s name, you know an eyebrow went up!   I went with the Always Apple, which was a nice red color that gave me the bold color that I crave for occasionally, without making me feel too uncomfortable with all the attention my pout was causing!  The lip gloss didn’t feel sticky and my lips did feel moisturized! After my morning application, I went through a couple of cups of water, and my mid morning snack to find my lip color still there!  Nice!

Btw:  The Constant Coral color is my absolute favorite!  It’s great for pulling off a summer natural look like this one!

Smooth Minerals Lip Tint ($6.00)

Now for the unfamiliar!  I have never used a lip stain, lip tint, or anything like that.  This Lip Tint is loaded with Vitamin E and cocoa and shea butter.  The best way for me to describe this product is a tinted moisturizing chapstick!  It goes on so smooth and my lips do feel nice!  I wish the shades I had (Smooth nude and Smooth Coral) packed a little more color against my complexion, making it really worthwhile for me to use it as a lip color. 



Have you ladies tried these lip goodies out?  What do you think?



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Photos courtesy of: Avon

FTC Disclosure:  Products used in this review were received as free samples.

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