Beauty Blast: Dermacyte Oxygen Concentrate

The quest for healthy, glowing skin can seem daunting and never-ending but we ladies know how important it is to take care of our skin!  The earlier we start learning and taking care of our skin, the more our skin will thank us later!  With that in mind, this brings me to latest skin product I had the chance to review:  Dermacyte Oxygen Concentrate.  It’s a light, oxygen filled cream that promises to deliver an instantly brighter complexion after application.  Now why would use something “oxygen filled?””  According to Dr. Gerald Klein, Chief Medical Officer for Oxygen Biotherapeutics, Inc “one of the benefits of giving your skin its own dose of oxygen is it will “assist in the production of collagen and elastin which are important elements in the repair and regeneration of skin.”  That means fighting premature aging and brightening your complexion.

Okay, so how is it?

After using it for almost a week (applying it both day and night before applying moisturizer)  I found it quite nice.  It didn’t leave my face greasy whatsoever (which is a big plus!) and absorbed into my skin quickly. My face did feel refreshed and soft after application.  It was a nice addition to my skincare routine, though I didn’t see any major changes in my complexion (according to the company, you may see results after 2 weeks of use).  My only issue is the price point (Price: $30 for 3.2ml & $84 for 10 ml).  For the best results, you do have to use it twice a day, making it a little expensive in my opinion for long term use.  If you’re someone like me who doesn’t have major skin problems, it may not be worth going out to get it.  However, if you are someone who does suffer from a dull complexion, fine lines, blemishes, and wrinkles, it may be worth giving it a whirl!

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FTC Disclosure:  Product used in this review was received as a free sample.

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