Fierce Fashion: Jet Setting Style from Avon

Is it possible to look totally fab on the go? Of course it is ( as long as you’re not rocking linen or anything else wrinkle prone!)  My peeps over at Avon agree with me and have come up with a great look for that girl who’s always on the go!

And oh, I forgot to mention – everything here is super cute and under $30!  Sweet!

Rolling in Roses Dress ($29.99).

You can’t go wrong with LBD, which is every closet’s fashion staple.  The rose trim is cute and, (my favorite part!) it’s wrinkle-free!

Jelly Blossoms Sandals ($14.99)

Don’t confuse these with your middle school jellies!  These shoes offer comfort and style (so you can leave the stilettos at home!)

Multistrand Beaded Bracelet ($14.99). 

Can’t have an outfit without a funky accessory!  You can wear these alone or step up the fierceness by stacking them!

Modern Aviators ($14.99) 

A great eye accessory outside (and for me, a hair accessory inside) a summer outfit isn’t complete without a hot set of shades.  You can rock these in white or green!


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Photos courtesy of: Avon

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