Beauty Blast: Youthful Trends Caffeinated Makeup Primer

Makeup primer is an essential beauty product when it comes to smoothing out our face and giving our makeup staying power.  I’m a big fan of eye primer and love the one I use!  However, I’ve never incorporated makeup primer into my daily makeup routine.  I bought this one from Iman (that I promise I’ll blog about!) for my wedding day and it’s been sitting in my makeup ever since.  So reviewing the Youthful Trends Caffeinated Makeup Primer shook up my routine just a little bit, but change is good!

What first struck me about this product was the “Caffeinated” in its name.  It’s actually the first caffeinated makeup primer with all natural ingredients.  Like all makeup primers, it aims to even out your skin to give way to a nicer and smoother foundation look.  Besides being a primer, it can also work as a skin hydrator.  It’s formulated to work with all skin types and foundation, both liquid and powder.  All you need to do is lightly spritz the primer on your face, gently rub into your skin, and let it dry!

As a makeup primer, I think it worked pretty well.  Being that I can be heavy handed when it comes to spritzing, I sprayed a little on my finger tips and rubbed it into my skin.  Doing so gave my face a real slight tingly feeling that was kind of cool.  Applying my foundation on top of it wasn’t a problem and it stayed put for most of the day.  As a skin hydrator, I found that it left my skin just a little sticky and not as soft as it normally does with other products I used so I just stuck to using it as a primer.

If you want to give this product a whirl, just go to or  And as a special bonus, you get a special 25% discount on both sites, just by entering the special coupon code SHEBLOG.  (Sweet!)

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Photo courtesy of: Youthful Trends

FTC Disclosure:  Sample used in this review was received as a free sample from the company,

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