Mixed Beauty Review: Serenity Bath Salt from Silky Cosmetics


If you’re a girl like me who loves to jam pack her schedule with a quazillion things to do knowing she’s run around like a mad women 24-7, then you understand just how good a nice soak in the tub with bath salts can be!  And though I had the opportunity to review Serenity Bath Salt from Silky Cosmetics ($18.00 for a 16 oz jar), my over hectic schedule won, not having a chance to get a good soak in my tub.  However, I did give my keyboard weary hands a nice hot soak with these salts made from fine and medium sea salts, coconut milk, peppermint oil, lavendar oil and lavendar flowers. 

Upon dissolving some of the bath salts in my hand bath, I found the fragrance to be nice, smelling more of sea salt than lavendar  Though the salts dissovle away, the small pieces of lavendar flowers don’t (I think that’s what they are, don’t quote me on it!) .  After soaking my hands for a little while, they did feel relaxed.  However, once I took my hands out, I didn’t get the silkiness or the softness I was looking for.  I also wasn’t crazy about having to wash off the pieces of lavendar flowers.  It may be nice while soaking but a little messy to clean up afterwards in your tub.  All in all, it’s a nice bath salt but unfortunately not something I could rave about.

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Photo courtesy of: Silky Cosmetics

FTC Disclosure:  Product used in this review was received as a free sample from the company.

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