Beauty Guru Review: Secret’s Waterproof Deodorant is the Secret to Staying Dry this Summer

The summer is in full effect and staying as cool as possible despite soaring temperatures is key!  My Shine Beauty Guru Assignment this month was to test drive Secret’s Clinical Strength Waterproof Deodorant ($7.99 – $9.99).  This product aims to keep those underarms dry through heat, humidity, and water all day long with its three layers of protection.  I used this product every day this month since I received to see if it could make it through South Florida’s 90+ degree days and 200% percent humidity (Ok, I know I may be exaggerating, but trust me, that’s what it feels like!)


All it takes is two clicks of the stick and you have enough creamy deodorant to put on for the day.  It feels a little slippery under your arms but in a few minutes, it dries right up.  The scent is nice and not overbearing.  I’ve worn this deodorant to work, while running errands on the weekends, and even to an outdoor event and it worked well at keeping my underarms dry!  On the days when it was especially hot with heat indexes of 100 degrees, I did have to reapply, but that’s understandable! (there isn’t much that can combat those type of temps!).  Unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to test it out at the pool or the beach, but I could still see myself tucking a small stick of this in my beach bag!

 My only issue:  I’m not crazy about the creamy consistency.  I used the Secret Invisible Solid and I like my underarms to be dry upon application and not wait for it to dry to feel comfortable.  Other than that, I was happy with the performance of Secret’s waterproof deodorant and see this being my beach bag buddy!

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FTC Disclosure:  Product used in this review was received as a free sample.

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