Beauty Blast: SuperShock Vivid Liquid Eyeshadow and the JD Professional Multi-Pencil

Girls, I don’t know how it happened or how it was even possible….but I find myself going after eyeshadows lately!   After my Wet-n-Wild purchase, I went and picked up another palette!  After seeing this color as a summer beauty Do on Yahoo! Shine, I am determined to get it into my ever growing collection….fast!  Being asked to review the new SuperShock Vivid Liquid Eyeshadow and Jillian Dempsey Professional Multi-Pencil from Avon is just feeding my eyeshadow insanity! But it’s all good because I get to share the madness with you ladies!

SuperShock Vivid Liquid Eyeshadow

I confess that I have never used a liquid eyeshadow before and if I didn’t know any better, I would say it looked like tube a lip gloss!  The applicator is just like that of a lip gloss which makes the application very easy and takes minutes!  Coverage is buildable so you can control the intensity of color you want and it lasts all day!  I found that the  Chromed Cocoa gave me a very soft look while the Sparkling Amethyst gave me an awesome punch of color on the first swipe.  After it few minutes it dries and you’re good to go! 

Bonus tip:  After putting on one layer, take the tip of your applicator and  outline your upper lash line. You’ll see that you’re eyes will totally pop!

Jillian Dempsey Professional Multi-Purpose Pencil

This double edged beauty pencil has a color on one side for your eyes and the other end can be used both as a blush and lip liner.  Both pencils go on real smooth and the colors are blending friendly.  For your eye color, you just color your eyelids and you’re done!  For blush, all you need is a few small lines on the apples of your cheeks and smudge it out.  This end can also be used as a lip liner (or fill your whole lip in if you want!) . I tried out the pencil in Sugar Plum and though the pink color was a little too iced out for my taste (and my eyes), the berry color was perfect for my cheeks.  It brought out my red undertones and had me looking naturally rosy.  As a lip liner, it was a little too berry –colored for me and made my lips look fuller than what I’m used to (I like my lips nice and tame!).  All in all, these pencil is also a great time saver!

Check out the powder and lip gloss I used along with these beauty goodies!


Photos courtesy of: Avon

FTC Disclosure:  Products used in this review were received as free samples.

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