An Easy Summer Hairstyle: Scrunched Hair

Ladies I don’t have to tell you that the summer has arrived.  The rising temperatures, unbearable humidity, and summer showers are not hair friendly.  I know for me, this is definitely the time of year where I am less inclined to sit under a hot hair dryer for an hour getting my hair straightened just so it can frizz out when I step out the door!   So my go to hairstyle for the summer is scrunched hair.  Not only is it fuss free (don’t have to worry about the humidity getting to it!) , its super easy to do, giving you more time for summer fun!

  1. While my hair is still wet after washing, I spray in some leave in conditioner (check out this new one I’m using!).
  2. Then I put on some hair moisturizer (I like Optimum Oil Therapy’s 3 n 1) to give my hair that shine when it dries.
  3. Using only a small amount of volumizing mousse (I use the one from Advance Techniques) in the palm of my hands, I apply it by taking pieces of my hair and scrunching it.  It’s just like gently squeezing your hair like you would a piece of fruit.  The mouse helps keep your hair curly after it dries
  4. I throw on a cute headband (like this one) and when my hair dries,  I have cute natural curls!  (now that was simple, wasn’t it?)


My Husband and I at Disney's Magic Kingdom

Let’s talk ladies! What is your summer go-to hairstyle?


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