Four Days of Four Mini-Hair Makeovers Thanks to Toni Brattin

There is nothing like rocking a new hairdo!  It’s amazing how a great hairstyle can change your whole swagger and if I had the time (and money) I would probably change my hair up all the time!  Truth is I’m lucky to have time to breathe many days and I haven’t hit lotto yet so I have to look for the next best thing! I first told you ladies how easy clip in bangs can change my look completely while being kind to my hair, time and wallet.  This time I’m armed with four ponytails and four days to rock them thanks to Toni Brattin’s hair extensions. This new line of ponytails and extensions come in four unique styles and are available in six different colors (Light Blonde, Medium Blonde, Dark Blonde, Light Brown, Medium Brown and Black) that can work with any hair type. The synthetic hair is coated in silicone to give it a natural looking style and they are super easy to work with!  They didn’t feel heavy and they proved to be easy to maintain.  Where can you get them? (Yes…Avon sells hair ladies!)


Monday: Toni Twist & Fix ($20)

I slicked my hair all the way back into a low ponytail.  I then took the twist and fix which is fashioned just like a scrunchi around my ponytail.  For extra hold, (because my hair isn’t all that long!),  I put in some bobby pins.  I fluffed the synthetic hair and my hair out with my fingers and I was done!

Tuesday: Toni Ponytail Curly ($29)  

I pulled my hair back into a pony tail in the middle of my head.  I then took the ponytail that was on a 12inch claw  clip and put it in over my ponytail.  The curls are great because they maintain their style with a Memory Curl Technology in each fiber that makes the curl permanent.

 Oh and the scunci headband is not included! :)

Wednesday: Toni Ponytail Straight ($29)

I put my hair in the same type of ponytail as I did on Tuesday but added an extremely mild version of the pouf up top.  This ponytail also has a 12inch claw  clip so putting it in was super easy.  This one was deemed the office favorite!

Extra bonus:  For a fuller effect, put the clip on upside down.  Gives you a mess load of volume in a snap!


Thursday: Toni Ponytail Curly ($29)

This is another curly ponytail style.  This time I parted my hair to the side and put my hair back into a ponytail right below the middle of my head but above the nape of my neck.  Put in the ponytail with claw clip, played around with placement of the hair and presto!

 Do you ladies ever rock faux ponytails? Which ones do you use?

FTC Disclosure:  Hair pieces used in this review were received as free samples from the company.

4 thoughts on “Four Days of Four Mini-Hair Makeovers Thanks to Toni Brattin

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  2. Geri says:

    After reading your review on the Toni Brattin hair extensions, I made my decision to order one. Today I rocked the Toni Ponytail Curly. Everybody Loved It! Thanks!

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