Shine Beauty Guru Assignment: Big Beauty Transformation in Under 5 Minutes!

I love trying out new things, especially when it comes to hair and my Shine Beauty Beauty Guru assignment for this month has given me the perfect excuse to do so!  Though I like to be hair adventurous, I have to be careful of what I do to it as to not cause any serious damage to it that I might regret later!  So, how can I get a great hair transformation without doing my hair a major injustice?

Clip in Bangs!

My best friend hooked me up with clip in bangs from Jessica Simpson’s hair extenstion line about a month ago and this was the perfect oppoturnity to give it a whirl!  I can get a great look without doing anything to my real hair.  What’s better, is that I can do it at home and it would take no time at all!

Step 1:

This is my hair before. I usually wear it parted to the side with a little sideswept bang action going on.  I have cut my bangs before and sometimes it was pain because when I didn’t want them anymore, I had to wait months for it to grow out.

Step 2:

Per the instructions on the pack, I parted my hair in the middle and pushed it back behind my ears.  I took it a step further and pulled my hair all the way back into a mini french roll in the back.  I did this because the ends of my real hair and the ends of the bangs don’t match up and I want to look as natural as possible.

Step 3:

A quick stick and click of the mini combs  on th bang into my hair and voila!  My faux bangs are in and secured!  I love the look and the easiness of the bangs.  I love how it frames my face and it looks really natural.  My husband and friends love it and tell me it makes me look really different but in a totally good way!

 I was able to pull off a  completely different look in under 5 minutes! The Beauty Transformation was a success!!

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