Beauty Blast: Wet-n-Wild Color Icon Eyeshadow Palette (And How to Rock It!)

On my many trips to my drugstore of choice, (Walgreens!), I was shopping for items that I needed and yet I always find myself checking out the cosmetics aisle!  I always gravitate towards the eyeshadows because as we all know – you can never have enough!  In particular, I was looking for a color palette because the manufacturers do all of the color pairing work for you! 

What did I walk away with?  Wet-n-Wild Color Icon Eye Shadow in Pride (shown above).   This color collection gives you three complimentary shades in a matte finish and a highly pigmented effect. That’s cool for me because I have a day and night look all in the same palette and the combos are endless!  The colors are deep so you don’t need a whole lot.  The only drawback is the color can fade after awhile, so I definitely suggest using a eye primer to solve that problem!  The price can’t be beat either ($4.99 at Walgreens) and that definitely gets brownie points with me!

So how did I rock this eyeshadow today? 

  1. I first applied the white color shade in the matte finish and applied to my eyelids.
  2. Then I applied the medium green color (also matte finish) and applied to my creases.  I used my index finger to make sure I blended the two colors really well.
  3. Finally I took the blue color (in…you guessed it! Matte finish) and applied a little bit to the corners of my eyes and blended it in.

 I finished my look with Sparkle Berry lip gloss from Mary Kay and here’s the final result:



For different looks, you can check out the back of the compact for instructions!

Any other Wet-n-Wild Eye shadow ladies out there?  What’s your fave?

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