My New Hair BFF: scunci Flexible Scarfband

While I was away in Disney World on my honeymoon last month, I was confronted with a little hair dilemma.   I wanted something to keep my hair from flying in my face when riding all of those awesome rides and look cute in my photos.  So my husband and I hit up my favorite drugstore, Walgreens, and I found the perfect thing – The scunci Flexible Scarfband ($5.99).    The head band can be worn three ways:  With the scarf interlooped in the plastic headband, the scarf alone, or the head band alone.  It gave a girl great options on rocking it during my trip.  It was also super comfy with the help of two elastic bands in the back.  It also kept itself as well as my hair in place.  Now I’m not the biggest head band fan, but this one is definitely my new hair accessory BFF!

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Photo courtesy of Walgreens

FTC Disclosure:  Headband used in this review was purchased by me.

4 thoughts on “My New Hair BFF: scunci Flexible Scarfband

  1. Hair Flair says:

    Thanks for posting the product review, we’re always looking for opinions on Scunci products. So do you think the Scarfband is good enough that we should carry it at our store?

    • fiercebeautyandfashion says:

      You are quite welcome! I like the scarf band a lot and I’ve gotten many compliments on it. For the price and versatility, I think its a great product to have in your store!

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