Three Tips on Being Fashionably “Green” For Earth Month

Happy Earth Month Ladies!

We all know that part of going “green” is doing things that will help cut down on waste and energy.  Not running your water unneccesarily, using energy efficient light bulbs and appliances, and recycling our trash are some of the things that come with the green lifestyle.  You can also be “green” when it comes to shopping for your clothing!  An Eco-entrepreneur, business author, and writer for Green Living, Kim Carlson gives us ladies three tips on being fashionably green for Earth Month!

  • The Ultimate Recycling —  Shop Vintage. Mix and match expensive and cheap, new and old into your wardrobe selections.  It keeps your look fresh and gives your pocketbook a break.  Going to a consignment store to look for accessories or a vintage jacket is a good way to cut down on cost and re-use.  Also check out theater sales to find pieces of old costumes that you can use to accent your ensemble.
  • Reduce Your Clothing Footprint — Buy Investment Pieces. Europeans typically buy fewer clothes but each piece is strategic and an investment.  They are willing to pay more because it will stay in style longer.  This means that fewer resources are used – cotton, wool, rayon, polyester and energy used to produce the clothes.   For example buy one classic black dress and several jackets that you can update year after year with a few vintage accessories.  It saves precious resources and your money and shopping time too.
  • Replant — Adopt A Stylish Green Cause. Join Avon and women from all over the world by helping save the endangered South American Atlantic Rainforest a.k.a. “the lungs of the earth”.   Every $1 contributed plants a tree!  Restoring rainforests is a critical cause because trees help clean up the air we breathe and can lessen climate change.  If we don’t take action together, the consequences will be devastating for everyone on the planet.   Avon’s goal is to empower a global women’s environmental movement to nurture nature making this a particularly cool cause.  Join their global movement and learn how to adopt more green behavior in your life at .

Let’s talk ladies!  How are you being “green” this Earth Month?

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