Beauty Blast: ANEW Reversalist Renewal Day Cream

We ladies know how important it is to keep our faces moisturized and protected throughout the day.  Using sunscreen everyday is essential to keeping our skin looking and feeling younger, as well as keeping it healthy (free radicals that prance around in the air aren’t kind to our faces!).  Finding a product that moisturizes and has sunscreen is a definite gem in a girl’s skin care arsenal!  It’s  also a great time saver because I know I can get lazy and skip the sunscreen!  The ANEW Reversalist Day Cream ($32) is just that! This companion to the ANEW Reversalist Night Cream is a moisturizer with SPF25 UVA/UVB protection, the folks at Avon claim that this product will turn on your skin’s repair process as well as reverse the look the wrinkles.

So I put aside my usual moisturizer and facial sunblock and took this cream for a test drive.  I used it for about 2 ½ weeks and I must say I was very pleased!  It definitely cut my morning prep time (applying one product instead of two) and didn’t irritate my sensitive skin.   Using a little bit did the job and didn’t leave my face looking or feeling greasy.  It leaves my skin feeling soft, which is what every girl wans!  As for wrinkles?  I don’t have any as of yet so I’ll get back to you on that in about 20 years!

I also had the opportunity to try out the ANEW Reversalist Illuminating Eye System ($30).  This handy dandy 2-in-1 jar contains an eye cream, designed to visibly reduce dark circles, wrinkles, and fine lines.   It also has a little compartment in the top of the jar which contains a Brightening Veil cream that is supposed to brighten up those eyes almost in the same way a concealer does .  I used on two different days and both times it didn’t react well to the skin around my eyes.  I didn’t break out but it did sting and irritate my skin so I had to wash it off.  I guess the formula was too strong for my eyes to handle.

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FTC Disclosure:  Products used in this review were obtained as free samples from Avon.

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