I’m So Having a Moment! What Frustrates You When You Shop?

Remember when I told you ladies about a website I came across called “Rent the Runway”?  Well about a day later my membership came through.  I was anxious to get onto the site and look at the tons of dresses that could potentially be mine for a few days!  The rental fees were soo reasonable, ranging from $50 to $350 to rent designer dresses that have three to four digit retail price tags.  So after checking out the prices, I checked out the sizes.

The biggest size is a 12.

That’s when I had what I called my “curvy girl moment”.  You see, it happens every single time I see something I fall I love with at the store and it never comes in my size!  I am a size 16 (though I am a few inches away from being a 14) who hits the gym three to four times a week and has already lost 30lbs in the past couple of years.  With thighs and a bust like mine, I will never be a 12! Ugh!  It is absolutely frustrating to shop for clothes sometimes and I wish more designers would realize that they are women who are bigger than a 12. I have even read comments from  some women who have trouble finding things in smaller and fashionably uncommon sizes.  What gives?? Can a sista please find her size!!

Its times like this that I want to give up shopping altogether…. but that feeling never lasts too long!

Feel free to vent.  What is your most frustrating problem you have when it comes to clothes shopping? Oh and thank you for a letting a girl vent! :)

Here my advice for my curvy girls on dressing for their size! Also check out some of the plus size fashion that debuted on BET’s Rip the Runway!


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2 thoughts on “I’m So Having a Moment! What Frustrates You When You Shop?

  1. izziedarling says:

    Shopping …. arggghhhh! Getting undressed, putting on garment, wrong size, having to redress to go get another size because the sales people have disappeared. Arghhhhhhh!

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