Great Hair a Pillowcase Away? The Branche’s Charmeuse Pillow Cases

I know my cotton pillow cases can do a number on my hair and that’s why I make an effort to wrap it up in a silk scarf when I go to sleep.  Not only does it keep my hair in place, it also holds in the moisture it really needs and not kill my already sensitive ends.  In lieu of a silk scarf, some people recommend getting a silk pillow case to sleep on.  Now I was just put onto a special type of pillow case, designed to keep hair and skin beautiful.

Branché Silk Charmeuse Pillow Covers claim to help keep that hair healthy as you sleep.  Its made of 100% mulberry silk that lets your hair glide across it as you sleep, which will prevent hair loss and breakage as well as smooth frizzy curls.  They are also enriched with 18 amino acids that also claim to nourish your hair as you sleep.  Not only were these cases made to be good to hair, but to your skin as well.

Can keeping your hair healthy involve the right pillow case?  Celebs such as Reese Witherspoon, Kim Kardashian, Kate Winslet and Kelly Ripa seem to think so because they are fans of these pillow cases.

What do you think?  A curly girl’s dream come true?  Or something just too good to be true?

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Photo courtesy of: Branché

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