Beauty Guru Review: CND Nail Polish

Although I have become very adventurous with my eyeshadow, I’m very conversative when it comes to nail color.  For my hands it’s either french tips or nothing at all.  My feet, which are in open toes most of the time down here in the sunshine state, are painted dark purple color in the winter and a coral color in the rest of the year.  That’s as exciting and predictable as my nail color gets!

When I received my samples of Creative Nail Design (CND) nail polish for this Guru assignment I was very skeptical! My colors were Desert Suede and Gold Shimmer. I have never worn colors like these on my fingers and toes but I was getting to try out the colors that graced the Spring 2010 NYC Fashion Week runways. I’m willing to take a polish risk!

I first polished my toes with two coats of Desert Suede.  Looking at my toes, it was looked very…blah!  My brown skin tone and the sand-like color did not compliment each other at all.  So I added a coat of the gold shimmer and it definitely gave my toes a little bit more life.  I rocked these colors on my toes for a few weeks and kind of liked it but still couldn’t get all the way used to it.  My mom checked out my toes and could barely tell I had anything on until the light hit them.

On my hands, I put on the Desert Suede and automatically did not like it.  It made my hands look lifeless and matched too close with my skin.  I took that off and used just the Gold Shimmer polish and that totally worked!  My nails looked clear but had a slight gold shimmer when the light hit it and that’s just the way I like it.  I don’t like wearing loud colors on my hands so this color gives me the right amount of color I need when I’m not rocking my french tips!

The polish went on very smooth though the fumes can get a little strong (my fiance banished me to the balcony when I put my nail polish on! LOL).  Though these colors weren’t exactly my cup of tea, I would definitely want to try out all the other colors that CND has to offer!

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FTC Disclosure: Nail Polish used in this review were received as free samples from the company.

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