Let’s Dish! Confession Time Again! What’s your Beauty Crime?

Time for some more real talk ladies!

After revealing my fashion obsession, beauty obsession, and confessing my own fashion crimes, I might as well go all the away and confess my beauty crime:

After just doing a post on the do’s and don’ts of healthy skin, I have to confess – I’m not good at treating my skin the way it should be!  Sure, my face is the most spoiled when it comes to my skin care regimen (with my hands coming in at a close second) but that’s about it!  I don’t moisturize everything all the time, just only the parts of my skin that show in the outfit I’m wearing.  If it’s covered, it gets no skin-love from me! All of my skin is important and I should put just as much effort into the rest of my body that I do with my face.  Besides, if I keep working out the way I am, I want to bare more skin than what I’m used to and I have to make sure it’s in good shape!

Fess up ladies!  What beauty crime are you notorious for?

Photo courtesy of: gamespot.com

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