Fierce Fragrance: SJP NYC

I couldn’t even begin to tell you how much of a Carrie Bradshaw fan I am!  Sex in the City was my show since college.  I’ve seen the movie a million times, loving it so much that I’m using one of the soundtrack songs in my wedding and even call my fiancé manfriend!  You can imagine how giddy I was when I received my sample of SJP NYC, a fragrance inspired by the totally awesome Bradshaw character herself.  From the time I opened the box to wearing this fragrance almost every day for a few weeks, I’m still excited!

SJP NYC launched itself on the fragrance scene back in February and I have been wearing it ever since.  The fashionably cute container is filled with snap shots of cool patterns and colors inspired by SJP’s closet. The scent is flirty, fruity, and so much fun! With fragrance notes such as Wild Red Strawberries, Mimosa, and Vanilla Absolute, it sounds like a night out on the town with the girls!

Another thing I love about SJP NYC is that it gives the right amount of fragrance without being overbearing.  The fragrance itself is very unique and I know what it is as soon as I smell it (case in point – my sister thought she could spray some on and I wouldn’t notice! She was so busted!)

In case you couldn’t tell, this fragrance has taken the title of being my favorite and most worn fragrance!  With prices starting at $25 for 15ml eau de toilette spray, it is so worth it!

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Photos courtesy of: SJP NYC

FTC Disclosure:  Sample used in review was received as a free sample from the company

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