Fierce Question: Do You Work Out with Makeup On?

About a month ago I joined LA Fitness to jazz up my fitness routine and get really toned for my wedding next month.  I usually hit the gym first thing in the morning before work (I get it out of the way and it’s less crowded!).  But some nights I go to t fitness classes for a change of pace.  I’ve been noticing some ladies coming to the gym and to class with a full face of make up on!  Some have on perfume so strong I can smell it a few feet away!

This may seem very unbeauty blogger-ish ….but the last thing I want on my face when I’m about to get downright sweaty is makeup!  I get it that some people come straight from work to the gym and I’m no exception.  But along with my change of clothes and my sneakers are makeup remover , my cleanser,  and moisturizer.  I always make an effort to go to the gym with a clean face so I don’t have to worry about anything running into my eyes, caking up my sweat towel, or worrying about breaking out from a bad combo of sweat and foundation.  True there are some makeup brands that are safe for your skin while your work out.  But for me, sweaty makeup is a definite no-no for me and my skin!

What do you ladies think? Do you work out with make up on or do you feel the same way I do?

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