Fierce for a Cause: Avon’s CEO answers Blogger Questions about Their Initiative to End Domestic Violence

Ladies we are in Day 3 of the Global Partnership to End Violence Against Women summit and if you’ve been keeping up there has been a great amount of information and discussion regarding violence against women .  I can’t stress enough how important it is to spread the awareness, talk to our young women and men about violence against women so the next generation can do better!  It all starts people like us and summits like this!

Avon has played a huge role in this summit and with all of the exciting things going on for the past two days, Andrea Jung,  CEO and  takes some time out to answer blogger questions regarding Avon’s role in this year’s International Women’s Day.

And by the way, my question is in there too and she gave a great answer!

FTC Disclosure:  I am being compensated by Avon for my coverage of the conference’s events.

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