“It’s a 10” Leave-in Conditioner: A Hair Product Recommendation

A good friend of mine put me on to this product a few weeks ago when she went to the salon.  Her stylist recommended a product to her and called me as soon as she got out of the salon, raving about it.  What she bought was “It’s a 10” leave in conditioner.  To be honest, I never heard of it before.  So I did some quick research and read nothing but good things about it!  What she liked about it was that it helped detangle her hair, cut her blow drying time in half, gave her hair shine, smelled really good and had her hair looking really healthy!

I checked out the brand’s website and these are the 10 results they claim one would get from using this leave in conditioner:

Repair dry damaged hair

Add shine

Smooths and controls frizz

Seals and protects hair color

Flat Iron Spray and thermal protector


Stops hair breakage

Creates silkiness

Enhances natural body

Prevents split ends

She has been using it every time she washes her hair and absolutely loves it.  Though her hair type and mine are completely different, I am kind of curious to try it out.

But first, I want to hear what you ladies think!

Have you ever tried this product before?  What do think about it? Is it worth giving it a try?

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