Fierce Question: What’s My Beauty Obsession?? Take a Wild Guess….

After coming clean with my fashion obsession, Yahoo Shine kept the ball rolling with our new Beauty Guru assignment – expose our beauty obsessions.  Granted when I first was posed with this, I took a little time to think about it.  But when I got home and opened my bathroom drawer, scoped out my medicine cabinet, rearranged my bathroom counter, and oh that basket under my sink, my obsession became pretty apparent:  Hair Products

I know…so left field right??

My hair is oh so spoiled so it needs the right amount of everything to keep it healthy and beautiful.  And being the girl that I am, I love to have options! I just can’t help myself when I get to the hair aisle in any store!  From conditioners and moisturizers to cute hair clips to the latest curling or flat irons, I can go a little crazy!

I think my obsession started as a young girl trying to keep up with the latest styles.  I could never go to the salon to get my hair done so I had to learn how to do the latest hair styles at home.  Different looks called for different products so I had to make sure I had everything I needed.  As I got older, I became the family hair dresser so I had to go out and buy even more hair tools and products.  For myself (and the family!), I learned how to relax hair, hot comb hair, roller sets, wrap sets, straw sets, braids, highlights, updos and faux ponytails.  Now that I ‘m a beauty blogger I have even more reason to go and get the latest hair products to try out and add to the collection (oh my hair product shopping list is growing longer by the minute!)

So how much hair stuff do I have?

2 Shampoos (one of them I rarely use but have to have a back up!)

4 Conditioners

6 Daily hair moisturizers

2 Hair sprays (one is a holding spray and the other is an oil sheen)

1 bottle of wrapping lotion

1 big jar of hair gel

4 combs and 2 brushes (I use one set just for when I wash my hair and the other set for everyday)

2 Hair Dryers

2 curling irons

2 flat irons

A basket full of ponytail holders, headbands, and claw clips

A container full of hair clips, bobby pins, and hair combs

A set of rollers

And though I look at this list thinking that to the average person this may be more than enough….all I can think about are the things I’m missing!  A symptom of an obsession…..just maybe!

Are any of you ladies hair product junkies like me?  If not, what’s your beauty product of choice?

4 thoughts on “Fierce Question: What’s My Beauty Obsession?? Take a Wild Guess….

    • fiercebeautyandfashion says:

      I’ve never heard of that brand before but I will definitely check it out! I use Motions Foam Wrap to wrap my hair and have used it for years!

    • fiercebeautyandfashion says:

      Well thank you!! I just have to be super careful not to apply too much product in my hair. That is definitely not a good look! Thanks for checking out my blog!

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