Fierce Question:What’s the Worst Hairstyle You Ever Had?

It’s happened to all of us.  The most stylish lady isn’t immune.  I’m talking about rocking a bad hairstyle!  Sure it may have seemed cool, hip, and trendy at the time.  I mean it looked fabulous – in your mind’s eye that is!  There could be many reasons for this.  Maybe it was the sign of the times.  Maybe your stylist completely lost her mind!  Or maybe you had to learn the hard way that every style isn’t for everybody!  No matter what the cause, we all have had a bad hairstyle at one time or another!

I confess!  My worst hairstyle was a bad imitation of this:


Sure, it was soo cool at the time and I wasn’t the only one who wore her hair like this but its still no excuse!  I had a rainbow of rubber bands in my hair, making sure the braids were as tiny as possible so it looked like I had more hair.  To top it off and be really “gangsta” I rocked a bandana headband too!  OMG! Thank goodness there aren’t any pictures (at least not that I know of!)

So let’s fess up ladies! What’s the worst hairstyle you ever had?


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