The Art of Accessorizing 101: How to Rock Your Jewelry

We all know that the right accessories can take an outfit from fab to fierce.  But the misuse of a great accessory can have you looking plain crazy!  So I thought I’d share with you ladies some tips on how to rock your accessories the right way!

One Statement at a Time!

Statement pieces are all the rage since last Fall.  From chunky necklaces to chandelier earrings, we ladies are more than willing to rock the latest.  However, we shouldn’t be rocking them all at the same time!  If you’re going to wear a statement necklace, make sure your earrings are really low key.  If you’re rocking chandelier earrings, you could probably get away with a simple necklace or no necklace at all.

Neckline dictates your Necklace

When you’re wearing a necklace it’s very important to make sure that compliments the type of top you’re wearing.  A top or dress with a V neckline, calls for a necklace with a similar shape.  Tanks and tees call for round necklaces.  Long, layered necklaces look great with a high neckline.  Wearing a strapless top?  Show off a great pendant or bib necklace. A word of caution – becareful that you’re necklacedoesn’t hang too low or it will get lost in the cleavage!

Keep it simple!

This ties in with the first tip but applies to all of your accessories.  Don’t feel like you have to pile on the jewelry to dress up an outfit.   A cool layered necklace can instantly dress up a tee or tank.  A great pair of tear drop earrings can take that updo or ponytail to another level.  You don’t need a lot of pieces, just the right one!

Let’s dish ladies!  What tips do you  have when it comes to wearing accessories?

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