Fierce Love: The Modern Love Valentine Boutique

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and its time to get your shopping on!  Rue La La and ELLE are rekindling their relationship to bring you the Modern Love Valentine Boutique that just opened today and runs through tomorrow (so if you’re not a member by now, you gotta get going ladies!) Here you can find jewelry, chocolates, champagne flutes, romantic bedding and lingerie!

So what is Modern Love? Well ELLE editors Jade Frampton and Kate Davidson Hudson, who also selected the items for the boutique, shared with me what their definition of Modern Love as well as what V-Day means to them!

Jade Frampton

What is Modern Love?
To me Modern Love means embracing your individuality.  Its all about personal style and whatever makes you feel your best.  Weather its sharing a glass of champagne with a loved one or slipping on a beautiful lingerie set, its all about you and what makes you feel confident and sexy.

What traditional elements of romance are you still into?
I am old fashioned so love letters, flowers, chocolates all do it for me

Who are some couples who embody Modern Love in a great way?
JFK Jr. and Carolyn Bissette-Kennedy and Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash

Kate Davidson Hudson
What made ELLE undertake an examination of “Modern Love”?
Modern love is the idea that men and women personify love in individually unique ways. At Elle, we love to explore a women’s sense of self and personal style whether it is in the way she dresses, lives, or loves.

What was your best/worst Valentine’s Day ever?
My best Valentine’s Day was when my husband and I just started dating and he made a huge dinner at his apartment, including a home-made risotto. It might have been a little rubber-y, but the effort was so sweet.

Who are some couples who embody Modern Love in a great way?

The couples who’s love has endured them through the test of time…the Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward’s of the world.

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