A Mixed Beauty Guru Review: Covergirl ShineBlast Lip Gloss

I am definitely a lip gloss girl all the way so when I received my assignment I was definitely on board!  I received samples of Covergirl’s ShineBlast Lip Gloss in three colors: Ignite, Radiate, and Ember (they are also available in 12 other colors).  The bottles themselves are very cool and sleek.  These lipglosses claim to deliver high shine without the stickiness and with a price I can certainly live with ($7.49 a bottle), I was definitely eager to try it out!

What I love:

The ShineSculpt applicator is awesome!  It does exactly what it was meant to – hug my lips natural curves for better application.  Lip Gloss can get kinda messy, so having this type of applicator definitely minimizes that.  This lip gloss also delivers a blast of shine that I love about lip gloss in the first place! It also felt good on my lips (no stickiness here) and it didn’t dry them out.

What I wish this Lip Gloss Had:

More color!  I don’t know if my complexion had anything to do with it, but I found myself having to pile on the lip gloss to see even a hint of color.  I couldn’t see any difference on my lips between the three colors which a bit disappointing because they all look great in the bottle.

What I can use it for:

It works great as a top coat for the lipstick I do have.  I used the Ember Shineblast over my chocolate brown lipstick and it looked fabulous!  It gave my lipstick the shine that I love in a lip gloss and I was able to see a hint of the Ember color that created a great contrast!

All in all, if this lip gloss delivered more color, I would totally be in love with it!  But for now, I will use it to supplement my lipstick collection!

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Photo courtesy of: Covergirl.com

FTC Disclosure:  Received free samples for review by Yahoo Shine.

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