Fierce Interview: Meet America’s Most Stylish Blogger


It’s every blogger’s dream to have their blog blow up and be recognized all over the blogosphere.  Well Bluefly made that happen with their America’s Most Stylish Blogger Contest. The popular online shopping destination handpicked 8 budding fashion bloggers to compete in a series of five style challenges where each was given the same fashion item to incorporate in an outfit.  America voted each challenge and Trang Hung was the winner!  Along with this fashionable title, she was given her own blogger boutique on  I was able to catch up with her and get her thoughts on her newfound blogger-stardom and fashion inspirations.

MJ:     What has it been like being named America’s Most Stylish Blogger? 

TH:      Winning AMSB is an experience I will never forget! It has given my blog, Behind the Seams more exposure in the online community and fashion industry. For a small blog like mine to receive any sort of recognition is a complete honor!

MJ:     How did you get started blogging?  How long have you been writing?

TH:      Street style blogs have been a tremendous influence and inspiration to me.  A year ago, I started my blog Behind the Seams as a fun way to express and document my personal style.

MJ:     What’s the concept behind your blog Behind the Seams?  How does it differ from all the other fashion blogs out there?  

TH:      Behind the seams is a blog about a small town girl who loves to share and document her fashion adventures. I think it differs from other fashion blogs because it’s not so much about commentary as it is about me expressing my style personality through photography. I let the photos speak for themselves

MJ:     What was your favorite challenge during the competition and why?

TH:      My favorite challenge was the Prada shoes!  The studding details and grey suede are just beautiful.

MJ:     Do you think fashion bloggers are going to be at the forefront of fashion reporting?

TH:      I do think fashion blogs play a substantial role in the fashion scene. Fashion bloggers are exposing a lot of readers to new views and perspectives on fashion that mainstream media will sometimes not cover.  The online fashion community interacts and expresses ideas with one another, which I believe can have an important social influence upon how style and fashion is perceived.

MJ:     What are your fashion predictions for 2010?

TH:      Lots of lace, frills, sparkles, and delicate draping!

MJ:     What is your favorite thing to wear?

TH:      You can always catch me out and about in my vintage black oxfords!

MJ:     How did you go about choosing the items in your blogger boutique on Bluefly?

TH:      I love all things modern, vintage-inspired, masculine, girly, edgy, laid back, playful and whimsical so I picked items that represent the versatility of my style.

 MJ:    What is your favorite piece of fashion advice that you’ve been given?

TH:      My favorite fashion advice is from my mom: “Wear what makes you happy.”


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