How Clean are your Hair Styling Tools?

I thought about doing this post awhile back when I actually stopped to take a real good look at my curling iron.  I just couldn’t believe how filthy that thing was!  And was even crazier, I was constantly having that grossness touch my hair!  So not cute!  I told myself that from then on, I had to make more of conscious effort to make sure my curling iron, flat iron, hair brushes, and combs stay clean!  I mean how crazy is it to put all that effort into keeping your hair clean to style it with dirty stuff?

So just how do you go about getting all of your hair tools clean?  Well here’s what I do:

Hair Brushes and Combs:

Unlike my curling iron, I do periodically clean my hair brush.  Daily, I remove all of the hair by using a comb to comb it out.  When it’s time for a deep cleaning, I fill up a pan with water with a touch of dish detergent (shampoo works well too!).  I place the brush in it face down and just let it soak overnight.  In the morning I rinse it out really well and set out on the counter to dry.   I do the same thing with my hair combs.   I also go as far as to use one comb and brush strictly for after I wash my hair and another set for styling my hair every day.

Curling Iron and Flat Iron

The last time I cleaned these, I used a wet cloth with a little bit of soap to clean all of the gunk off.  I probably figured that had to be a better and cleaner way, so I did a little research.  According to the folks at, using a cotton pad with some rubbing alcohol on it will do the trick.  I will definitely be trying this one at home!

I will admit, I don’t clean my hair stuff as often as I should, but it s a New Year!  I have time to add this to my every growing Resolutions list!

So let’s talk ladies!  How often do you clean your hair tools and how do you go about getting the job done?  (I can definitely use some more tips!)

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