What’s on your Beauty Christmas List?

Ok, I can’t live in holiday denial anymore because Christmas is three days away! (OMG!) So I guess now is as good a time as any to tell the Santas in my life what I want for Christmas (I mean the last minute sales are awesome, right!).  Luckily for them I’m not too hard to shop for and just in case any of them are checking out this blog, here is my Beauty Christmas list!

Bath and Body Works Body Sprays and Lotions

My kazillion-bottle supply of their great sprays and lotions are almost gone! I’m down to my last lotion and my spray bottles have about a swallow’s worth of perfumey goodness left.  So if I can get one or two to get my new collection to a good start that would be awesome!  These are just a few of my faves!

Nail Polish

While most people are rocking boots for the next few months, down here in the sunny state we wear open toe shoes 90% of the year so my feet have to be on point at all times! Sadly, I’ve been wearing the same three colors of nail polish in-between my pedi’s!  I’m not picky when it comes to brands.  I just like anything that’s fun, creative, and cool! (I’m open to color suggestions!)


Being that I can only afford to hit a spa once or twice a year, anything that can bring that spa type feeling home is awesome.  From terry robes (like this one from Dillards) and slippers to fluffy bath pillows and foot spas, I am all for it!

Gift Cards

I get joy from shopping alone so gift cards to my favorite fashion stomping grounds like Forever 21, NY & Company, JC Penny, Old Navy, and Claire’s would be a fashion girl’s dream! A girl needs to stock up on some leggings, tees, and oh so cute light sweaters and dresses.  Gotta start the new year off fashionably right!

Cute Clutches

Ever since I got one as part of my review of a new winter line a month ago, I’m a thoroughly addicted!  A clutch like this one from Target would be a perfect accessory to an NYE outfit.  And this is especially coming from someone who does not like to carry a lot of things around!

And if I don’t get anything else for Christmas, I want

(Drum Roll……)


Getting the same kind of love from family and friends that I get all year makes any girl instantly beautiful! Love is the best present I could get and I am so blessed that this is one thing I already have!

So ladies, what’s on your Beauty Christmas List?

Have a wonderful Holiday Ladies!!

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Photos courtesy of: Target, Dillards, Bath and Body Works, Istockphoto

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