Fear Not Ladies! You Can Still Get Your Prescriptives Fix!

By now, it’s not unusual anymore to hear of stores and brands cutting back or shutting down for good.  In the world of cosmetics, however, it may pose a bit of a shock.  After all, no matter how bad things may get, a women will never completely get rid of her make up (at least most women anyway!).  So I was a little shocked to hear that Prescriptives was closing down all of its retail counters by the end of January 2010.  For those ladies who are avid fans of the cosmetics brand, don’t get too disappointed – especially if you swear by their Custom Blend foundation and powder.

To soften the blow, Prescriptives will still be selling these recipe made cosmetic cover-ups online (while supplies last, that is!)  through their Replenishment program.  To take advantage and stock up while you still can, visit your local Custom Blend counter asap and get your new Custom Blend recipe form.  Once you do that you can register it online and you will be notified by email when is available next month to purchase!  (doesn’t seem too hard  now does it?)

If there are other products you want to get a hold of before the counters completely go, you can still check them out online, as Prescriptives will be selling their other products while supplies last!

Be beautiful ladies!

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Photos courtesy of: Prescriptives

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