Naturally Beautiful! Natural and Braided Hairstyles

If you’re like me, it’s not strange to suffer from a bad case of hair boredom!  I sometimes wake up and I am just tired of the same three hairstyles I always wear! So I usually hop on the laptop and look for some hair-inspiration.  For someone like me who relaxes her hair I can find plenty of hairstyles to choose from.  But what about my beautifully natural sisters who are looking for that same type of hair inspiration I’m looking for? Well I dedicate this post to you ladies!  Hopefully you can find a great hairstyle to rock this holiday season!

It's edgy, it's funky, it has that rockstar edge! I definitely want to try this style out!

This is a classic cornrow hairstyle to me. It can go from fun to elegant without changing a thing!

Who can resist these beautiful twists!Take a walk on the wild side with Tanika's do! I absolutely love it!

Beautiful coils! These is a great, low maintenance style!

I love wearing microbraids when I'm on vacation where I need a style that lasts and can be worn in all kind of ways!

This blow-out style is hot. That color really pops too!


This is another style that I see myself rocking in the near future. Absolutely love it!

All about the Hair!

The Great Hair Debate: What are your thoughts?

To Headband or Not To Headband: Are you wearing one this season?

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