Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2009: What’s Your Inner Angel?

One of my favorite runway shows to watch is the Victoria Secret Fashion show.  I love the backdrops, the over-the-top outfits, and the musical guests (Justin Timberlake’s Sexy Back had to be one of the best songs I saw on the runway to date!).  So I was pysched to watch it this year, anxious to see my girl Heidi Klum do her thing!  And she did! I really enjoyed the show!    The Black Eyed Peas gave an awesome performance and it was fun to watch the models have fun! 

Ok, I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who ever indulged in the fantasy of strutting her stuff on the runway!  (I admit, I imagine myself on a runway every morning on the treadmill!).  So of course, as I watched the Angels do their thing, I was looking for the outfit that I would wear.  Granted, I would need a good weave and a serious trainer, but hey a girl can dream can’t she? 

These are my fav picks from the show!

The Million Dollar Bra. Can't go wrong with a sexy bra, diamonds, and heels!

Plenty of bling and sexy thigh boots. Great combination!

My girl Heidi does her thing! That fluffy train is definitely runway worthy!

What's a Vicky show without wings! And I'm a big fan of corsets!

I love the color of this outfit and the center design is a nice touch!

The bigger the better and these wings are no exception!

I love things over the top and that spray of feathers takes the lingerie up a notch!

My girl Fergie rocked the stage with her voice and this outfit!

Let’s have fun ladies!  If you could rock the Victoria Secret runway, which outfit would you be wearing?  How did you like the show?

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