An Instant Hair Makeover! How to Rock a Drawstring Ponytail

It is so easy to fall into a hair rut.  I know I can sometimes get so bored with my hair, yet I don’t want to do anything so drastic that I may regret it later, like the time I decided to cut my hair real short.  Sure it was cute the first week, but after that I wanted my hair back!  To help shake things up a bit, I break out my ponytails!  I think they are a quick and easy way to rock a new do without doing something crazy to your real hair!  I also use them to give my hair a break from hot curling it.  I love using Shake-n-go Free Tress Drawstring ponytails.  They are super easy to put on and come in great styles!  Before I get into tips on how to wear one, I just want to say that these are great to wear occasionally!  Wearing them over long periods of time can put undue stress on your hair and may cause breakage.

Know your colors!

When it comes to using synthetic or human hair in any form, you want to make sure it comes as close to your natural hair color as possible.  With the brand I use, color is denoted by numbers, 1 being absolute black and 144 being absolute blond.  There are also numbers for hair that has a base color with accompanying highlights.  This color chart is super helpful in determining what color is right for you.


Be adventurous!

This is time to have fun!  There are short ponytails, crazy long ponytails, curly, straight, and everything in between!  Step out of your element and experiment!  If you don’t like it, you can always take it off!

Not too tight!

Before you put in your new ponytail, your hair of course has to be slicked back in its own ponytail, wrapping the ends in a bun.  Make sure its tight enough to hold all of your hair but not so tight you get a headache!  The object is to look cute not be in pain!  To help keep your hair in place, I recommend using a light gel (like Isoplus Conditioning Hair Gel). Remember that your hair doesn’t have to be all back.  Rocking a bang can be just as hot!

Application basics

With a drawstring ponytail, the top comb of the ponytail goes on the top of your ponytail and the bottom one goes….you guessed it…on the bottom!  Then take the drawstring and pull it until the pony tail is secure.  To make sure that no one sees that drawstring, pin it up under your ponytail with a clip or bobby pin.  I also use bobby pins to give my ponytail extra hold (I can get paranoid sometimes!)

Pony Maintenance

Once you strutted your stuff in your ponytail, it’s good to let that pony air out over night.  After its had a chance to breath, wrap it up in the same netting it came in and either store it back in the package or use a gallon zip lock bag.  A ponytail can get frizzy over time, so you can brush it, comb it and tame fly-aways with a little gel or oil sheen.

Some Extra Tips for you

I find that curly ponytails are ultra cute but can get messy easily, so I try not to wear them too often and take extra care of them.  Combing and brushing these types can cause more harm than good!  Also, make sure you real hair is neat and held in place.  There is nothing worse to have a cute ponytail in the back and messy hair in the front!  Also, as I mentioned in the beginning, please don’t use these too often.  Your pony and your  hair need a rest!


To check out what I’m rocking in these photos as well as more styles from this brand, go to:

Be beautiful ladies!

Photos courtesy of: Shake N Go Hair Fashion

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