The Art of Accessorizing: My New Winter Play Things!

The accessory addict in me is always looking for the latest and trendiest thing to add to my overflowing collection. Its absolutely bananas how much stuff I have, but, like all things fashionable, there is no such thing as enough! When my peeps at Avon hooked me up with some samples from their Winter Fashion collection, how could I not resist! I also took this as an opportunity to get from behind the computer screen and show you ladies how I rock them!


Besides being a complete nut when it comes to silver, I thought this silver knot necklace was totally cool! They went great with my favorite pair of silver hoops from Forever 21. To make sure this piece was the center of attention, I made sure I wore a V-neck top. I finished off the look with my two favorite denim jackets, with the necklace bringing them up a notch!


This jewelry set and clutch were my favorites! I found the necklace so interesting because it has an antique feel yet it‘s modern at the same time! So I couldn’t think of a better shirt to rock with it, which is a cool take on the classic white shirt (JC Penny is awesome people!). Staying true to my denim nature, I had to wear my fav stretch jeans from New York and Company. To match my Ruffle clutch, I wore my patent leather pumps from Wet Seal!

Want to take these accessory babies home? Then go to Avon and get your order on!

  • Multi-Strand Knot Necklace: $9.99
  • Black Lacey Necklace & Earings: $19.99
  • Kiss Lock Ruffle Essential Clutch: $12.99

Some other accessories from the collection you wanna check out!

  • Cashtastic Ruffle Scarf: $14.99
  • Cashtastic Gathered Gloves: $9.99

Be beautiful ladies!

Photos courtesy of: Avon and my wonderful fiancé! :)

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