“Just for Me” isn’t Just for Kids! Why I Like Using a Children’s Relaxer

We ladies know that relaxing our hair is a very harsh process that our hair undergoes.  We are chemically altering our hair every time we get a touch up so taking care of our relaxed tresses is of the upmost importance!

If you didn’t know already, I relax my hair at home as a result of a few bad experiences with some hair dressers.  The major problem I had was that the adult relaxer that they used on my hair was just too strong. My hair is very fine in texture and it doesn’t take much to get it straight.  So the safest bet for me is a children’s relaxer.

I want to treat my hair with “kid gloves” and I always use a child’s relaxer.  The brand I use is “Just for me” by PCJ and the biggest reason I do is because it comes with a pre-treatment conditioner. This light and quick drying product goes on your hair before you start the relaxer process.  It works as a layer of protection  on your hair so it doesn’t’ get over processed (which is a risk you take especially when you relax your hair at home!). The neutralizing shampoo has a color indicator – which means that if there is still relaxer cream in your hair, the suds will be pink.   It helps me a lot in making sure I have rinsed all of that cream out.  I also find it much gentler on my hair than most adult relaxers (and I’ve tried a bunch!) and I even still wait as long as possible in between touch ups.

Let’s Dish! So what relaxer do you use?  Would you consider using a children’s relaxer?

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4 thoughts on ““Just for Me” isn’t Just for Kids! Why I Like Using a Children’s Relaxer

  1. Crystal says:

    I’ve tried a lot of relaxers and the one that works best for me is dark and lovely in regular. It leave my hair feeling soft which doesn’t happen with other relaxers.

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