Girl, What’s That You’re Wearing? Tell Me Your Favorite Perfumes and Body Sprays!


Besides being a hair and fashion addict, I’m also crazy about perfumes and body sprays!  My bathroom counter is a mini version of the Macy’s perfume counter! I believe smelling good is just as important as looking good. I mean, what good is a hot outfit if you don’t smell too hot?

So now I will take the time to honor those who have kept a sista smelling good in all types of situations!

pBBW1-2237590dtBath and Body Works Pear Berry: I fell in love with this spray from the first time my mom bought it for me back in high school.  It still maintains the top spot as my favorite body spray of all time! (did I also mention I have the body wash and lotion to match?!)

Victoria Secrets Heavenly: That is the only way to describe this scent – Heavenly!  And it’s from Vickie’s?  Enough said!BP-235-7600_ex

Baby Phat Goddess: Not only do I love her clothes, I also love Kimora’s perfume.  I also love the cute diamond shape bottle it comes in.

Bath and Body Works Sweet Pea: This body spray is sweet and fun without being overbearingly fruity!

Picture1Harajuku Lovers G:  This was new find for me at  Sephora and since my review of this scent, it has become a regular in my fragrance collection! (And my fiancé loves it on me!)

In Bloom by Avon – I’ve been using it for about two days now and I’m falling in love!  But I won’t go into detail here!  I will save that for my review! In the meantime, check out my interview with its creator Reese Witherspoon!

So let’s dish ladies!  What perfumes and body sprays do you love to put on?

Smell beautiful ladies!

Still wanna dish your details?  Then tell me what’s in your make-up bag!

Photos courtesy of: Sephora, Superstock, Baby Phat, Bath and Body Works

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