More Skin Spoiling! My Review of Avon Anew Reversalist Renewal Serum and Night Cream


Ladies, I have officially jumped on the skin care bandwagon!  I went from a girl who only washed her face with water to one who is also looking for the next best thing in skin care!  It started with my Olay Regenerist review and since then, splashing my face with just H2O is such a no-no!  So, when I got the opportunity to try out and review these skin care products from Avon, I was happy to!

The Anew Reversalist Renewal Serum and Night Cream have a patent-pending Activinol Technology, which is designed to reactivate your skin’s repair process.  As a result, the skin is refreshed and look of wrinkles are reversed.  The Renewal Serum ($39 on Avon) can be used both in the morning and the evening in the same fashion you would use your moisturizer, applying to a clean face and neck.  The Night Cream ($27 on Avon) goes on after the serum in the evening.

Okay, now for the verdict:

After using it religiously for over two weeks, I found that using the serum during the day left my skin feeling just as soft as my other moisturizer. The side pump action bottle was definitely cool and fun to use.  I really liked the Night Cream, which worked perfectly with the serum.  It tends to leave your face a little greasy (your applying two products one after the other) once you put it on but after a few minutes, it absorbs into your skin.  My skin feels soft when I go to bed and still feels that way when I get up in the morning.  As for a reduction in wrinkles, I definitely can’t comment on that.  It would take a long time to see my results on that one!

What do you think ladies?  Any of you had a chance to try out these products?


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