How Do You Dress for Fall When It’s Still Summer Outside?

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I look in envy at those who can sport the knee high boots, the cute leather jackets, and the ultra chick sweaters and scarves.  We may be in the heart of Fall season, but where I live in South Florida, the weather completely missed that memo!  Today’s high is expected to be 90 degrees, so the latest wool coat is completely out of the question for me!  So how can I dress for fall when the weather’s screaming summer?  Here are some of my ideas of how someone like me can pull it off!

  • Picture1Keep with the colors:  You may not be able to wear wool coats and turtlenecks, but you can sport your tanks, tees, capris, and other hot weather clothing in fall colors.  If you are a stickler for rules and don’t want to wear white after Labor Day regardless of how hot it is, you can rock  greys, blacks, shades of brown, and all other colors that scream Fall.  You can also wear these summer items in great fall prints as well.

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  • Don’t shy away from long sleeves!: It may be hot outside, but that office or mall you may be going to is guaranteed to be an ice box with that AC blasting!  So take advantage and sport that fall blazer or long sleeved shirt over your tank or cami when going into work or spending time indoors.  Just remember to take it off when you step outside or you just might melt!
  • Keep it light: For the few days out of the year when the temps don’t go any higher than 70, you may be able to get away with a light, short sleeve cable knit sweaters. I would keep a few on hand so when those temps temporarily drop, you’ll be ready!

Any other ideas on how achieve the latest Fall looks in hot weather?

Be beautiful ladies!

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2 thoughts on “How Do You Dress for Fall When It’s Still Summer Outside?

  1. venenadia28 says:

    Having lived in Florida I know how disappointing it can be when you can’t wear all that cute fall clothing but I think your best tip in this post is keeping in tune with the gorgeous colors that are always in style during this wonderful season.

    It is always nice to have sweater weather in FL too! :-)

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