Awesome Things Do Come in Small, Cute Packages! My Latest Fragrance Find!


My favorite beauty playground has made me fall in love with them all over again.  What did it?  Their limited addition Harajuku Girl Snow Bunnies Fragrances.  For those of you (like myself!) who haven’t heard of the Harajuku Fragrance collection or having a hard time pronouncing it (like myself once again!) let me break it down for you!  According to Sephora,  Harajuku (hara•joo•koo) means a style and attitude of Japanese girls from Harajuku, Tokyo.  To take a step further, they define the Harajuku Lover’s Fragrance as a fatal attraction to cuteness, and I tell you, I’m a sucker for cuteness!

Picture1The signature girly bottles, each with their own names: G, Music, Angel, Baby and Love are ready for the winter all dressed up in their own snow bunny outfits.  These bottles are absolutely adorable and I fell in love with my girl G’s outfit from the bottle I picked up.  They go for $30 at Sephora and make a great collector’s item once your fragrance is all gone!

Is the perfume just as cute and girly as the bottle it comes in?  Well it isn’t fruity and won’t have you smelling like a candy shop.  Instead, the perfume is Picture2rather romantic and sophisticated, not at all what I expected coming out of this cute bottle.  The scent is absolutely amazing (and my fiancé thinks so too!) It is definitely causing quite a competition among my other favorites that include Baby Phat’s Goddess perfume and Victoria’s Secret Heavenly.  I spray twice on my neck and once on my wrists, and the scent lasts all day!  That is a definite plus because that means that $30 lasts a whole lot longer!

This snow bunny collection is only around for a limited time only so I definitely suggest picking up a bottle!

BTW: Did I tell you how ultra cute these bottles are?? LOL.

Have your man smell good too with the new scent from Givenchy!

Photos courtesy of: Sephora

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