Great Hair Does Start at the Scalp!

If you are suffering from dull, dry hair I think these can definitely help a sista out!

My hair has a very high tendency to dry out, especially in this summer heat.  However, I hate applying a whole bunch of hair products to my hair because my hair then becomes heavy and greasy and that is so not cute!

So I listed three products that I only apply sparingly to my scalp and then comb through to evenly distribute.  I only have it do it once a week and I usually do once I finish washing and drying my hair.

scalp 1

Blue Magic:  A little bit of this Blue can bring a lot of Magic to your hair!  I use this on a weekly basis and it moisturizes my hair all week long.  A bit of caution, this grease is heavy, so unless you want your hair to be a fire hazard, please use sparingly!

scalp 2DOO GRO® Triple Strength   Medicated Hair Vitalizer:  There was a time where I was experiencing a lot of breakage.  I used this on my scalp (once again, very sparingly!) once to twice a week.  Not only did it moisturize, it  helped my hair grow back stronger and healthier so it definitely makes the list.

scalp 3

Pink Lusters Moisturizing Lotion:  Although this can be used directly on your hair, I sometimes use some of this on my scalp before I wrap it up and sit under the hair dryer.  It helps protect my scalp through the drying process.

I hope you ladies get to try these products out and if you have any others you can think of, please feel free to share!

Be Beautiful Ladies!

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3 thoughts on “Great Hair Does Start at the Scalp!

  1. sljd3989 says:

    I def. need 2 start using my doo grow again but I am really feelin organic root stimulator’s products. I might just use it once a week idk…… keep an eye on my blog 4 any product changes lol ha ha ha awesome blog : D

    • fiercebeautyandfashion says:

      I like the organic root stimulator products too! I’m using the hair mayo and I LOVE IT! I will definitely check out your blog and keep coming back to mine because I plan on doing a post on my favorite hair care products. Thanks for checking me out and I’m glad you like the site! :)

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