Confessions of an Accessory Addict


My name is M.J and I’m an Accessory Addict…

My jewelry box is overflowing.  My necklaces are two seconds from falling off its special hook in my closet.  Yet, when I walk into the mall and see the accessory places I frequent, I find a way to convince myself I don’t have enough!

So now, in front of all in the blogosphere, I’m coming clean!

My Gotta-Have Accessories:

  • Silver Hoop Earrings: For me, the bigger, the better so thank goodness I have a long enough neck to rock them!  These can make any T-shirt look cuter!
  • Long Necklaces: It can be pearls, beads, silver links, or a simple chain with one big, stand out piece this are essential to dress up the many tanks and baby tees I own.
  • Basic Silver Bracelet: I wasn’t big on bracelets, but ever since I got engaged and began sporting my beautiful ring, I saw that my wrists look a little naked when I’m wearing short sleeve tops.
  • Sunglasses:  I always consider this the finishing outfit to any outfit, whether they’re on my eyes or top of my head!

My Fave Stores:

  • Claires: This is a definite no-brainer!  I come here to stock up on my accessory essentials.
  • Wet Seal: Not only do they have cute shoes, they have cool, trendy pieces that are always the right price for me!  I am also a fan of their Fedora hats!
  • Charlotte Russe:  I find they also have cute shoes and accessories.  Can’t go wrong here either!

My other accessory addicts, fess up! What are your favorite kind of accessories?  Where do you go to get your accessory fix?

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