Q-Tips Makes Halloween Makeup A Lot Less Scary

Halloween Costume

I’m not going to lie, Halloween has gotten to be fun again since having my daughter. She’s the perfect excuse to splurge on a costume (we have to be coordinated, right?) and really have fun with my makeup. I get to go out and get candy instead of sitting at home handing out, ‘making sure’ my daughters candy is tasty and delicious before she gets her share. This year is no different, tonight filled with tons of festivities. Not only does my makeup have to look good, it has to stay that way.

Since she’s a big Doc McStuffins fan¸ I’m going as my little girl’s nurse. I wanted a fun and super girly makeup look but wasn’t exactly sure where to start. So when the folks from Q-Tips reached out to me with their own box of tips, tricks and treats, this girl was totally onboard, not sure what to expect. When my magic box arrived, not only did it have beauty goodies for Halloween night and beyond (reviews to come!) I had my own supply of Q-tips Cotton Swabs and Precision Tips as well as a handy booklet with great costume makeup ideas.

I took a cue from their evil queen tutorial and went for some color blocking eye makeup action – using nothing but Q-tips.

Halloween Makeup

The cotton swabs are perfect for sweeping color across the lids, picking up the right amount of shadow. The wide tip helped me spread on the color smoothly and evenly. All I needed was one tip, one end for the pink and the other end for the blue.

The Precision tips were like mini eyeliner brushes with a sharp tip that allowed me to line my eyes for a smokey look sans smudging.

Makeup Tips

A coat of mascara, some serious pink blush and lipstick and this sassy nurse is good to go!

Whenever you’re in a makeup bind, remember that Q-Tips makes the perfect makeup applicators. You check out all of their beauty tips here!

PS: Curious about the hair? Check out Wednesday’s post!

FTC Disclosure: Products used in this review were received as free samples. All opinions are my own.

LUXHAIR™ NOW™ by Sherri Shepherd Has Changed My Hair Game Forever

Black HairBack when I used to relax my hair when I was ready to add a little length to my mane my go-to’s were drawstring ponytails or braids. Never got a weave (couldn’t afford it!) and never got up the nerve to wear a wig. My grandmother used to back in the day and she looked fantastic in it. My fear though was that it wouldn’t look natural or (gasp!) it would randomly fall off and totally embarrass me. Going back to my natural hair¸ I put all those ponytails away and just didn’t look back, focusing on getting my hair back to health.

My curls and I are in a good place 4 years later and I can finally have some fun! You’re girl has definitely been feeling adventurous lately so when the folks at LUXHAIR reached out to me to try out Sherri Shephard’s new line of lacefront wigs I couldn’t resist! Her collection has everything from clip in bangs to luscious layers in a wide variety of shades, reflective of the daytime talk show stars dynamic personality. The synthetic hair itself can stand up to heat and humidity with the movement of real hair that makes styling effortless. The lace front section lends itself to the appearance of a natural hair line.

I chose a style that I never rocked before, with red highlights that I’ve been dying to have – the Casual Curl with burgundy highlights. The hair is soft with big ringlets and chunky highlights that weren’t overwhelming. It has shoulder length layers in the front with a long, curly piece in the back. It wasn’t as curly as the picture but that was alright. Once I carefully cut the extra lace front to the hairline, I was ready to put it on. Once I did.

OMG. It was love at first sight!

Black Curly Hair

It has a basic cap that fit nicely once I braided my hair down, not too tight but snug it enough that it didn’t feel like it was going to fall off. The curls fell beautifully around my face with the ability to the part it the side like I do when I wear my hair straight.

I was also surprised at how light it felt, despite all that hair. It moved like real hair too, able to do a couple of hair flips in the mirror (I was seriously feelin’ myself. I’m not going to lie.)

Black Hairstyles

The only drawback was I wish the lacefront was a darker color. I had to cut quite a bit and the little bit that I couldn’t get was still visible if you looked really close. That was another reason why I parted it to the side.

It was amazing though how one wig changed up my entire look. There was no need to spend hours strengthening my own hair or shelling out major money at a salon. For an investment of about $89, you can completely switch up your entire look in under five minutes without damaging the hair you work so hard to keep healthy.

Do you wear wigs? How often?

FTC Disclosure: Product in this review was received as a free sample. All opinions are my own.

Relax On A Budget with the Naturally Indulgent Bath & Body Collection

CVS Beauty

With the holidays getting seriously close, life is about to get crazy. Between holiday shopping, costume parties, holiday dinners and after parties, being able to relax at the end of the day is super important. The good thing is, you don’t have to spend a fortune (gotta save up for Black Friday you know!) because Essence of Beauty has you covered. They’ve launched a body care line exclusively at CVS that has everything you need – from hand creams to body oils with nothing over $10. With three different scents to choose from, the Lavender with Rosemary Oil collection is the one you want if you’re looking to relax and wind down for the night. These natural ingredients were made for that and not having unsafe ingredients like parabens, sulfates and artificial dyes in the way, you’re sure to get nothing but the naturally best.

After a long stress-filled day, I start out with the Botancial Body Wash, a gel cleanser that’s infused with good stuff like pomegranate and goji berry. You won’t get a fruity scent thought, the lavender the only thing you can smell as it cleans away the day, leaving behind super soft skin.

Next is my favorite part, the Nourishing Body Oil. Since using this one, I’m totally hooked preferring it over lotion any day. The only caveat though is it has to be just as moisturizing. Luckily this one doesn’t disappoint. Rich with antioxidants and restorative oils, it goes on easy and absorbs quickly carrying the same earthy scent as the body wash. Did I mention that my skin stays crazy soft well into the morning?

Because my feet need extra moisture attention, I lathered them up in the Body Butter. This ultra thick, hydrating cream is full of great butters like shea and cocoa. It’s awesome in the hydrating department though I wish I wasn’t so thick, making it a bit tedious to apply everywhere. But for my toes, it’s perfect!

Other products in this collection include a Sugar Scrub, Shea Butter Bar Soap, Foaming Bath Soak and even a Hand Cream if you need to relax on the go. It’s available now at your local CVS store, so the next time you’re on a shopping run, pick some up!

What are your favorite beauty products to relax with after a long day?


Photo courtesy of: CVS

FTC Disclosure: Products mentioned in this review were received as free samples. All opinions are my own.

The Hottest Plus Size Winter Coats

With Daylight Savings Time only two weeks away, it’s officially winter season and with the shorter days comes colder weather (at least up north anyway!). That’s why having the right winter coat is essential. Now granted, I’ve had the same coat for years because it never gets cold enough to wear one. But for those of you who are already feeling the chilled temps, there’s no reason why you can’t look cute and stay warm.

So show your curves some fierce fashion love with these 11 coats.

Winter Fashion

Via Spiga Plus Size Faux-Leather-Trim Walker Coat / Larry Levine Plus Size Double-Breasted Wool-Blend Trapeze Coat / Jessica Simpson Basket Weave Wool Coat Women’s Coat / Jones New York Collection Plus Size Faux-Leather-Sleeve Trench Coat

Plus Size Fashion

MICHAEL Michael Kors Plus Size Double-Breasted Belted Trench Coat / Marina Rinaldi Plus Nalut Plaid Coat / Modcloth Inkwell Done Coat / ASOS Junarose Pretty Leopard Print Trench Coat

Plus Size Coats

Land’s End Women’s Plus Size Wool Coat / London Fog Plus Size Long Trench Coat / Calvin Klein Plus Size Asymmetrical Faux-Leather-Trim Wool-Blend Coat

Which one would you wear this winter?

Bringing My Curls Back To Life with One N Only’s Argan Oil Hydrating Mask

Deep Conditioning MaskI was seriously late to the deep conditioning party and honestly I didn’t know what I was thinking! Every since I started incorporating it into my natural hair routine, I’ve noticed a huge difference. My hair stays so moisturized that I don’t even need to apply styling products throughout the week. My curls are healthier and I can count more good hair days than bad. A great deep conditioner is crucial to say the least, setting the beauty tone for the rest of my hair week. I’ve used some great ones that leave my hair so soft it should be a crime and others that did a so-so job?

So where does One N Only’s Argan Oil Hydrating Mask fit in the scheme of things?

Two words: Ah-mazing!

Just like their styling mousse, I was floored by how well this hair mask performed, especially since it doesn’t require any type of heat. Formulated with Moroccan Argan Oil, this rich conditioning treatment restores hair to its healthy and moisturized glory, improving elasticity and protecting it from free radicals. All it takes is five to seven minutes and a quick rinse and you can see an immediate difference. My hair is crazy soft when I step out of the shower and seriously stays that way until wash day the following week. I don’t need to apply any moisturizing products whatsoever (just a little gel for these edges cuz girl…that fuzz is not cute!). When does come time to wash my hair again, my strands are much easier to detangle giving great slip and shedding is kept to a minimum. Even the little fairy knots that plagued my beauty life for the last few weeks were nowhere to be seen.

I can go on but honestly I would just be repeating myself. This hair mask is amazing and perfect for a busy girl like me who doesn’t always have time for a major deep conditioning session.

Are you a fan of One N Only?


Photo courtesy of Ulta

FTC Disclosure: Product mentioned in this review was received as a free sample for review. All opinions are my own.