The 10 Stages of Watching a Shonda Rhimes Show

When Thursday nights come around everyone knows that I am MIA from 8pm to 11pm for TGIT. From Greys to How to Get Away With Murder, if you still haven’t caught on to this spectacular night of drama-filled television, this is what fans like myself go through each and every week.

TGIT Prep 



The bombshell before the first commercial break

April Greys Anatomy


The crazy new case 

How to get Away with Murder


Trying to figure out who’s guilty

How to Get Away With Murder GIF


Wondering why this character is still on this show

Quinn and Huck


The kick-ass monologue

Rowan Pope


The  best tweetable line of the episode

Olivia Pope Fitz


That moment that gets you all in your feelings

Cristina Yang


The OH SH*T moment in the last 5 minutes of the show

How to Get Away With Murder


Realizing you have to wait whole week for the next episode



Sound off my fellow TGIT watchers! What am I missing?

If I’m Going to Give My Daughter Juice It Would From Apple & Eve

Apple and Eve JuicesBefore you have kids, you think that you will never be that parent (helicopter, nutrition obsessed…feel free to fill in the blank). But when you do become one, all those things you thought you weren’t going to do go completely out the window.

Me? I’m a stickler for schedules, if it’s not Disney Junior my daughter is NOT watching it and I am very aware of what she eats and drinks. My husband and I joke all the time that she is the healthiest person in this house and the funny thing is it’s true! I made her baby food from scratch and I even bought those sectioned plates to help me with portion control and make sure she had at least three of the major food groups. As for juice – it wasn’t until very recently that we started buying it and I have strict rules for that too. It has to be 100% fruit juice, no added sugars and no more than a cup a day (seriously!).

Enter Apple & Eve’s Organic Juices.

The Natural Style Apple Juice is made with 100% juice blend of real tarte and sweet apples. In each glass you’ll get two full servings of fruit without the added sugars and when you taste it, you can totally tell. It tastes smooth and fresh like the apples were picked right from the orchard. There’s also no crazy sweet after-taste that makes you want to drink a glass of water afterwards. Since my daughter is like me and doesn’t like super sweet things either, this juice is perfect for her.

The Quenchers are the juice box version of Apple & Eve’s organic goodness, with flavors like Razzberry Apple Splash, Berry Lemonade and Organic Fruit Punch. Like the apple juice, it’s flavored with real fruit and 50% less sugar than the regular fruit drinks. Before my daughter had a chance to inhale them all, I tried the Berry Lemonade. More lemonade then berry, it tastes crisp and refreshing without being crazy sweet.

Bottom Line: If I’m going to give my daughter juice, it’s going to be the healthiest one I can give her. These options from Apple & Eve definitely fit the bill. I would feel good giving my daughter these with her after-school snack.

How about you? Have you tried these juices from Apple & Eve.


FTC Disclosure: The products mentioned in this review were received as free samples as part of the Influenster Program.

Finally a Bronzer Your Oily Skin Will Love

Chocolate Soleil Matte Bronzer

The perfect bronzer for oily skin.

Bronzer and I have never had the best relationship. It was wither too shiny, too chalky or too shimmery for me to even bother with it. Besides, oily skin that goes on shine-alert by mid-day, I’m more concerned with controlling oil than getting a warm bronzed glow.

That is until I met the Chocolate Soleil Matte Bronzer from TooFaced ($30). Packed with anti-oxidant rich cocoa powder and rich pigments not only does my oily skin get the matte coverage it needs, my complexion gets a summer-worthy glow that’s okay to rock all year long. It evens my skin tone and plays well with my favorite foundation, making it easy to use it all over. It also works great as a contouring powder, which can instantly slim your face and accentuate your features. And oh, did I mention this powder smells like a warm cup of hot cocoa? Brilliant!

The trick to keeping that bronzed look all day long? The right brush. My regular powder brush just didn’t do the job but when I switched to the brand’s Retractable Kabuki Brush($34) I noticed a major difference (i.e no super shiny nose by lunchtime). The super soft bristles distribute the powder evenly and seamlessly, without making a mess on your skin (or in that cute compact).

Have you tried this best-selling bronzer?


FTC Disclosure: Products mentioned in this review were received as free samples. All opinions are my own.

5 Pieces to Take Your Fall Work Wear Up a Notch

Ashley-Stewart-Faux-Suede-Foil-Moto-JacketA lot of changes have been going on around them and one of them (a new job) required a wardrobe upgrade. Trading in the daily jeans for work wear trousers wasn’t enough though. I still wanted to show off my fashionista persona within an office setting and if you’re like me, here’s what you need to look for:

Classic pieces with a little flare – from a bold color or print to a edgy detail or cut.

Check these babies out and you’ll see what I mean.

Ashley Stewart Faux Moto Jacket

Trade in the blazer for this faux leather moto jacket. The cool thing about this one is it looks like a funky cardigan than a leather jacket, making it perfect for the office. $102,

MICHAEL Michael Kors 'Ana' Dot Print Kimono Sleeve Top

Go from the office to happy hour with this kimono sleeve top. Pencil skirt, flare pants, weekend jeans – the possibilities are endless with this popping print and relaxed fit. I know I would wear this all week long! $70,

ASOS Tunic With Side Splits

Not quite a polo yet almost a turtle neck, what sets this apart from your normal white work shirt are the slide splits and short sleeves. Wear it with a long, trendy necklace and your favorite pair of slim fit trousers. $14,

Torrid Textured Skater Dress

The simple, black sheath dress is so yesterday. Have fun and be office appropriate with this number from one of the trendiest plus size fashion destinations. The contrasting white collar gives it a vintage feel that looks good alone or under a blazer. $59,

Socialite Wide Leg Trousers

Black trousers are a work staple of mine and no matter if I’m dragging myself to work, the perfect pair of flared pants can instantly lift my mood. Rock them with a pair of heels and those corporate hallways will feel like a runway (trust me!) $42,

Eloquii Plaid Flannel Shirt Dress

Take the classic fall print to the office with this flannel shirt dress. How can we make this corporate culture approved? Add a blazer, black pumps and classy necklace and you are good to go girl! (Bonus points for wearing it as is come the weekend) $100,

The Moisturizing Must-Haves Your Hair Needs From Motions Hair Care

Motions hair ProductsWhen Motions said they were revamping their entire line, they really weren’t kidding! They improved on some of their classics they also added in a couple of new products, keeping the curly girl in mind. Their Color Care System was a hit and the styling foams became my new beauty BFF’s. What other hair goodness do they have going on?

Pre-Wash Detangling Butter

Full disclosure: I never detangle before shampooing. I’ve always been afraid that my fine hair just couldn’t take it and detangling with conditioner would be enough. This butter makes it no so scary, with the consistency of a regular conditioner that moistens hair enough to make detangling a lot easier and I didn’t get as much breakage as I thought I would, the shea butter, coconut and olive oils definitely helping with that. If your hair is in need of a serious detangling session, leave it on for up to 20 minutes before taking a comb and/or fingers to hair.

Lavish Conditioning Shampoo and Moisture Plus Conditioner

These two aren’t new but a throwback to my favorite cleansing products way before I went natural. It was the only shampoo and conditioner that didn’t dry my hair out back then and surely doesn’t do so now! Formulated with of shea butter, strands are moisturized while the Shampoo cleanses them, the silk and keratin proteins keeping them strong from the inside out. The Conditioner has super hydrating emolliants and plenty of slip to make detangling a breeze and leave hair soft and ready to go.

Moisturizing Cleanser and Smoothing Conditioner

If hair is feeling extra dry, this duo is the way to go. Part of the Natural Textures Collection, curls are gently cleansed with a good-for-you mix of coconut oil, shea butter and avocado oils that smooth and soften hair. Follow up with the Smoothing Conditioner (which makes for a great pre-poo by the way!) and you’re talking about a super conditioning combination.

The hair party doesn’t stop with these though. If you have medium to thick hair and twist-outs are your thing, grab the Versatile Texture Defining Cream. The gel-crème gives the moisture and hold you need to pull it off. The Active Moisture Leave-In Detangler is a nifty little spray to use after you shampoo whether hair needs to be detangled or not and the Stimulating Scalp Balm is great for soothing an itchy scalp.

Have you checked out these products from Motions? What do you think?


*FTC Disclosure: Products mentioned in this review were received as free samples. I was also compensated for this review. All opinions are my own.